Data protection

To comply with our duties we partly use external service providers. These are our member companies and other organizations.

Data on your visit to our website are saved for statistical purposes in order to be able to optimise our Internet content and structure our site even more attractively in the future. Using Piwik technologies, only anonymised data (e.g. anonymised IP address, date and time of page view, length of visit or the page from which you reached our website) are stored and used on our server. IP addresses are anonymised immediately after processing and before they are stored. They do not permit site visitors to be identified.

The programs use cookies. “Cookies” are small text files stored locally in the cache of the visitor’s Internet browser. Cookies enable your Internet browser to be recognised. You have the option to prevent cookies from being stored on your computer by adjusting the corresponding settings in your browser. Alternatively, you can separately opt out from having your data collected, stored and used for Piwik. Beyond this, we do not create any user profiles or use any further cookies.
Personal data (address data, e-mail addresses) are only collected and processed in order to fill orders for our publications or to respond to specific enquiries. In order to send publications, it might sometimes be necessary to provide your address data to companies that assist us with our mailings. Beyond this, we will not disclose your personal data, except if we are legitimately required to do so by an authority (e.g. in the case of criminal prosecution or to avert danger). After your request has been fully processed, your data will be stored and deleted after expiry of the storage periods stipulated by tax and commercial law.
If you have further questions on the subject of data protection, please contact the data protection officer of Deutsches Büro Grüne Karte e. V., Mr. Frank Petzchen by e-mail.

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