Practical Hints

Accident occurring in Germany

DBGK is competent if the accident has occurred in Germany with the involvement of a foreign motor vehicle.

If the adverse party’s vehicle was registered in Germany, the Compensation Fund of Verkehrsopferhilfe e. V. (VOH) might be competent. For further details see here.

Notification of claim

You may file the claim with DBGK and claim damages. DBGK delegates claim settlement to a claims settler (insurance company or settlement agency). The claims settler chosen normally depends on the foreign insurer with which the other party is insured. Therefore: If the insurer of the foreign tortfeasor’s vehicle is known to you, we may normally immediately name the body which will handle the claim in Germany. Please click here.

Otherwise, there are the following possibilities to contact DBGK:

Report your damage online,

alternatively by phone at 030/20205757.

Loss abroad

DBGK is not competent in the case of an accident having occurred abroad.

You may possibly obtain help from Entschädigungsstelle für Auslandsunfälle (“Compensation Agency for Accidents Abroad”). For further details see here.